Such a Happy Day!

One song flies around the world!

Many different versions, languages and artists.

One dance that lets party-people, kids and

even grannies go crazy!


The „Such a Happy Day!“ - virus started in Germany in 2008. The song was the official Oktoberfest-Hit where hundreds of thousands of people from many nations sang along and danced together to DONIKKLs original version.

Since this biggest fun fair of the world „Such a Happy Day“ keeps spreading all over the world. Children sing the dancing-song in kindergarten and at school, party people go crazy in discos and even in nursing homes it is becomes more and more popular. Kind of mad but fun!


If you want to play an active role in the „Such a Happy Day!“ community, record a new version! Maybe you get a golden record like some artists who recorded this song. If you are interested in recording and publishing a new version please send an e-mail to

Such a Happy Day / „So a schöner Tag“ (Fliegerlied)

words and music by Andreas Donauer (DONIKKL)

German GEMA-Songnumber: 7678374